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    A passion for herbs

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    A passion for herbs

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    A passion for herbs


Monday to Friday: 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday: Open from September, 10 - From 9:00 to noon.

We will be close on Eastern Monday.

  • Canada only

    At the moment, Herboristerie Desjardins does not accept online orders placed outside of Canada.

  • Currency

    Our products are for purchase in Canadian Dollars only.

  • Prices

    Our product prices may change without notice.

  • Organic Herbs

    You may place an order for our organic herbs by telephone only.


Using medicinal plants is based on centuries-old knowlege. The fact that herbs and herbal remedies continue to be used the world over attests to their healing power. Nevertheless, it is important to take certain precautions when using any herbal remedy. We recommend that if you are suffering from an illness, or are pregnant, you should consult a health practitioner before taking any herbal remedy.

A herbal remedy does not replace proper nutrition and exercise.