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Soapwort Root 500 gr
  • Soapwort Root 500 gr

Soapwort Root 500 gr

Saponaria officinalis

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Saponaria officinalis

Properties and usage:

Expectorant, diurétic, for cough, asthma, eczema dermatological problems.

Effects on the organism:

For more than 300 years, soapwort was recommended for cough, asthma and even for the liver.

Used externally, soapwort is principally an expectorant. It stimulates coughing and liquefies the mucous of the respiratory tract..

It can also be used for rheumatism or arthritis pains.

The tree components which are above ground can be used as an infusion which is a good remedy for eczema or skin problems.

Caution: potentially toxic, it must be used with medical supervision only, by an accredited therapist or herbalist.

Principal constituents: saponines, resin, essential oil.

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