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Burdock Root 500 gr
  • Burdock Root 500 gr

Burdock Root 500g fine cut

Arctium lappa

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Arctium lappa

Properties and usage:

It acts as a depurative, light diuretic, antibiotic, antiseptic.

Effects on the organism:

Burdock is a good depurative plant. It is used to treat ills due to a surplus of toxins, such as tonsilitis.

Burdock also treats chronic skin diseases. Its roots and seeds rid the body of waste material. It may be too that the roots facilitates the elimination of heavy metals.

The diuretic and antibiotic properties of this plant treat skin problems, especially where the accumulation of toxins is a factor in the development of the disease (acne, boils, abcesses, exzema and psoriasis).

It is often used with other plants in a variety of formulas where the resulting synergy would be quite powerful.

The Amerindians used burdock as a traditional remedy to treat fever, kidney and bladder stones and gout. It is considered a purifying plant because it helps evacuate toxins during high fever or during such illnesses as mumps or measles.

Principal constituents: bitter glucosites, flavonoids, tanins polyacetylenes.

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