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Thyme 500 gr
  • Thyme 500 gr

Thyme 500 gr

Thymus vulgaris

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Thymus vulgaris

Properties and usage:

> Antiseptic, expectorant, antispasmodic, anthelmintic. Also an aromatic plant much used in the kitchen.

Effects on the organism:

Used mainly for its aromatic qualities, but has also numerous medicinal properties.

Recommended for asthmatic children because it neutralizes the sedative effect of other plants usually prescribed for this illness. It is effective for colds and hay fever.

Research done in Scotland in the 1990 decade has established the potential virtues of thyme in the prevention of aging.

As it has tonic and antiseptic properties, thyme is an excellent remedy for respiratory illnesses (bronchitis, whooping cough). Chewing fresh thyme leaves to alleviate a sore throat also helps to treat benign throat and bronchial infections.

Used for sciatic and rheumatic pains. It also treats ringworms, athlete's foot, thrush, mycosis, scabies and lice. Its essential oil in the bath has a tonic effect.

Principal constituents: essential oil, flavonoids, tanins.

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