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Linden Cut 250 gr
  • Linden Cut 250 gr

Linden Cut 250 gr

Tilia cordata

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Tilia cordata

Properties and usage:

Antispasmodic, sédative. Fights stress and anxiety.

Effects on the organism:

Linden flowers treat colds and flu by reducing nasal secretions. They stimulate perspiration and lower fever.

Linden is prescribed for high blood pressure, especially when due to psychological or nervous conditions, but is also a long term treatment for very high blood pressure associated with arteriosclerosis.

It alleviates tension and headaches caused by sinusitis.

As it is antispasmodic and sedative, linden calms and promotes sleep. It fights stress and anxiety as well as palpitations due to nerves.

In lotion form, it soothes itching.

Principal constituents: flavonoids, acids, tanins, essential oil.

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