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Red Clover 500 gr
  • Red Clover 500 gr

Red Clover 500 gr

Trifolium pratense

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Trifolium pratense

Properties and usage:

For cutaneous afflictions. Expectorant and spasmodic.

Effects on the organism:

Red clover is used to treat cutaneous afflictions and has the capability to extract calcium, silicium and mineral salts from the soil. It promotes an alcaline medium in the blood, which is antagonistic to cancer.

Since long recognized as an effective herb to fight cancer because it allows the elimination of small tumours which form on mucous membranes of wounds.

Red clover is rich in iron and minerals and is highly recommended for those who suffer from anemia.

It rectifies lymphatic and renal problems, malign tumours and old wounds.

Due to its estrogenic properties, it is susceptible to alleviate menopausal problems. The flavonoids contained in its flowers and leaves promote ovulation.

It is a nitrogen fixative.

Principal constituents: flavonoids, phenolic acids (salicylic), essential oil, starch.

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