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No 101 Nerves 1 kg
  • No 101 Nerves 1 kg

No 101 (Mélisse) 1 kg Tea blend


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This formula helps when a person is nervous, stressed, worried, anxious and has insomnia.

Composition: hawthorn, hops, orange, lemon balm, mint, passionflower, poppy, ronce, sage, valerian.

Effects on the organism:

Hawthorn: a plant for the heart, is regulates the cardiac rhythm and lowers blood pressure.
Hops: has a sedative action, which makes this a precious remedy to induce sleep and abate a state of anxiety. It relaxes the muscles and stimulates the digestive system.
Orange: contains flavonoids, coumarines, carotene pectins. The flavonoids are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and calming.
Lemon balm: this plant has a beneficial effect on morale as it is an effective relaxant for anxiety, mild depression, nervousness and irritability. It abates emotions and calms palpitations due to nervousness
Mint: antispasmodic and sedative, it stimulates the digestive system. Relaxes the muscles. Has calming properties.
Passionflower: effective for anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. Its sedative properties have a soothing and relaxing effect, they lower emotions and a state of over excitement.
Poppy: a plant which provides the best sleep-inducing drug. Acts as a mild analgesic, relieving all kinds of pains.
Ronce: the bark and the roots are good for tooth aches and they soothe pains and insomnia.
Sage: a tonic and digestive plant. It is known to have a calming effect and a stimulating effect on the nervous system.
Valerian: fights stress, nervous tension and anxiety and promotes a regenerating sleep without addiction to it. It reduces nervous activity.

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