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No 103 Weight Loss 250 gr
  • No 103 Weight Loss 250 gr

No 103 Weight Loss 250 gr


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By strengthening digestion and facilitating elimination, this formula helps in weight loss. It serves also to lessen the appetite while maintaining the user's good energy.

Composition: anise, bistort, borage, alder buckthorn, fucus, monkeybush, licorice, blackberry, senna, linden, grapevine.

Effects on the organism:

Anise: used as a diuretic and for digestive problems. It promotes the elimination of urine. It is known for reducing flatulence. Stimulates the libido.
Bistort: an astringent whith a large proportion of starch. It treats colon inflammation and gastro-intestinal problems.
Borage: its leaves are diuretic. This plant contains saponic mucilage, tanins, vitamin C, mineral substances and gammaliolic acid, essential to maintain hormones. It is effective to treat water retention.
Alder buckthorn: it is without danger for it is prescribed for long term constipation or to regulate stomach functioning. It is recommended for weakness of the colon muscles.
Fucus: contains minerals, especially iodine. Tests have demonstrated that it could help in weight loss and it is used for this purpose.
Monkeybush: emollient and decongestive. Drains toxins. Taken internally, it attenuates intestinal inflammation and has a laxative effect.
Licorice: it is used to harmonize plants. It is a mild laxative which helpt to eliminate mucous. It has nourishing properties. It acts on the pituitary and gives energy.
Blackberry: contains natural iron which does not constipate but rather acts as a laxative. It is very fortifying.
Senna: one of the best known plants, used in a variety of medicines. It has strongly purgative properties, which makes it a very effective remedy for constipation. It is associated with other plants to help eliminate gas and relas the intestinal muscles.
Linden: fights stress and anxiety, stimulates perspiration and diminishes blood pressure.
Grapevine: nourishing and mildly laxative, it contains nourishing substances and purifies the organism.

Caution: this formula is not a panacea. It does not replace a healthy diet accompanied by exercise.

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