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No 112 Menopause 250 gr
  • No 112 Menopause 250 gr

No 112 Menopause 250 gr


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To clean the uterus and provide natural female hormones. Contains vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Composition: rose hips, raspberry, sweet mint, orange, sage, marigold, basswood, valerian, red vine.

Effects on the organism:

Rose hips: contains vitamin C which provides many functions to the body. One of these is promoting better calcium and phosphorus absorbtion in the bones.
Raspberry: apparently strengthens the longitudinal uterine muscle.
Sweet mint: used for late menstruation or when menstrual flow is very heavy.
Orange: contains flavonoids, coumarines, triterpenes and vitamin C, carotene and pectine. The flavonoids are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and a fungicidal.
Sage: regulates the menstrual cycle. The estrogenic effects of this plant make it an excellent remedy for problems during menopause.
Marigold: gently stimulates estrogen production, it relieves menstrual pain and regulates the feminine cycle.
Basswood: an antispasmodic and sedative. It fights stress and anxiety. Relieves tensions and headaches.
Valerian: a muscle relaxant, it relieves menstrual cramps and pains. The Amerindians used it for cramps and menopause-related problems, because it fights stress and appeases nervous tensions..
Red vine: its leaves are astringent and anti-inflammatory. It treats abundant menstrual flow and uterine hemorrhages.

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