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Shepherd's Purse 500 gr
  • Shepherd's Purse 500 gr

Shepherd's Purse 500 gr

Capsella bursa

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Capsella bursa

Properties and usage:

Hemostatic medication (stops hemorrhages), efficient. Astringent.

Effects on the organism:

Considered as one of the best phytotherapeutic medication, the XXX is. since a long time, recommended to stop hemorrhages in the uterus. It is used to stop bleeding, nose bleeds. and blood in the urine.

It is an astringent, it disinfects the urinary tract in cas of cystitis and it is used for diarrhea. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps reduce fever.

Regulates hypertension and lowers it. It facilitates menopause.

Caution: not recommended during pregnancy.

Principal constituents: flavonoids, choline and histamine.

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