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Psylium Hull Flakes 500 gr
  • Psylium Hull Flakes 500 gr

Psylium Hull Flakes 500 gr

Plantago lanceolata

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Plantago lanceolata

Properties and usage:

Strengthens the digestive system. Drains the toxins rejected by the intestins. Acts as a laxative.

Effects on the organism:

Psyllium is a well known laxative. Phytotherapists use it for constipation because it re-educates the intestinal passage. Its integument and grains have a high fiber content (mucilage) which, in water, become gelatinous. It increases the volume and hydration of the stool, thus facilitating their elimination.

Psyllium is effective for hemorrhoids. It softens the stool, and relieves the irritation of dilated veins.

The soothing and protecting effect of its integuments and grains, rich in fibre, strengthens the whole digestive system.

It treats stomach and duodenal ulcers and reduces gastric acidity.

The emollient action spreads throughout the urinary system. A infusion of its grains treats inflammation of the urethra.

The viscous mucilage of the psyllium is released when put in a liquid. It absorbs the existing toxins from the large intestin. Psyllium drains toxins which are rejected by the integuments and grains into the stool.

Clinical tests done in the United States and Germany have established that psyllium has anti-diarrhea and laxative effects.

Principal constituents: mucilage, oil, starch.

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