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Fir Tree 20 ml
  • Fir Tree 20 ml

Fir Tree 20 ml

Abies balsamea

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Abies balsamea

Properties and usage:

For pulmonary diseases (bronchitis), colds and urinary infections.

Effecs on the organism:

The Amerindians and the first settlers used the resin of balsam fir for treating numerous illnesses.

The Amerindians applied it on burns and wounds. They rubbed it on the chest or applied a cataplasm to treat respiratory infections.

Antiseptic and stimulant, balsam fir is recommended for abundant nasal secretions, pulmonary diseases and urinary infections (cystitis).

Today, its essential oil is greatly used as a bath aroma (saunas).

The Amerindians mixed the resin with other plants to make a cough syrup.

Principal constituents (leaves): liquid oleoresin.

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