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Vervain 20 ml
  • Vervain 20 ml

Vervain 20 ml

Verbena officinalis

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Verbena officinalis

Properties and usage:

This plant acts on the nervous system, facilitates digestion and has a regenerating action on the nerves.

Effects on the organism:

Vervain is known since long ago for its magical virtues. It is a traditional medicinal plant in Europe and with the North American Indians. It can be called a universal remedy, but very few therapists use it nowadays. It acts as a tonic and fortifier. It relieves stress, anxiety and helps digestion.

Vervain appeases nervous tension. It would be mildly antidepressive. It fights anxiety and nervous fatigue as a result of long periods of stress.

It relieves headaches. The Amerindians used it for menstruation related migraine.

It possesses multiple medicinal uses such as for gall stones, jaundice, asthma, insomnia, premenstrual problems and fever (particularly at the onset of a flu).

Vervain promotes a deep and relaxing sleep to people who suffer from insomnia.

Caution: not to be taken during pregnancy. Heavy doses can be dangerous.

Principal constituents: bitter iridoids, essential oil, alcaloids, mucilage, tanins.

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