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Red Spruce 500 mg. 360 Capsules
  • Red Spruce 500 mg. 360 Capsules

Red Spruce 500 mg. 360 Capsules

Larix laricina

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Larix laricina

Properties and usage:

Antiseptic, depurative, diuretic and rich in vitamin C.

Effects on the organism:

Red spruce bark secretes a resin that has therapeutic properties. It is very rich in vitamin C. It is antiseptic and depurative and acts as a diuretic.

The Amerindians used it in syrop form to relieve the bronchial tubes. It is an antiseptic for the respiratory tract. It can be recommended for respiratory infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, sore throat, aphonia (voice loss), colds, cystitis and urethritis.

The properties of its bark make it very efficient for arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

It is also very effective for skin problems because it speeds healing.

A few drops of extract can be used in the humidifier or the bath.

Excellent for duodenal ulcers.

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