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Blessed Thistle 250 gr
  • Blessed Thistle 250 gr

Blessed Thistle 250 gr

Cnicus benedictus

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Cnicus benedictus

Properties and usage:

The thistle is a bitter tonic which stimulates the gastric secretions, both intestinal and biliary.

Effects on the organism:

During the Middle Ages, the thistle was supposed to cure the plague. In 1568, Nicholas Turner wrote in his note book: "There is nothing better for ulcerated wounds as well as for old infected and suppurating wounds than thistle leaves, juice, bouillon, powder and water".

The thistle is generally administered as an extract, for minor digestive problems, providing a fairly rapid result. It also treats fever.

It is a mild expectorant and due to its cinicine, it is also anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory. As a balm, it helps to heal wounds and injuries.

Caution: taken in excessive doses, it can provoque vomiting.

Principal constituents: lignanes, sesquiterpenic lactones, bitter ingredient (cinicine), polyacetylenes, flavonoids, triterpenes, phytosterols and tanins.

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