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Milk Thistle Seed 500 gr
  • Milk Thistle Seed 500 gr

Milk Thistle Seed 500 gr

Silybum marianum

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Silybum marianum

Properties and usage:

Protects the liver, stimulates the biliary secretions and lactation. Antidepressant.

Effects on the organism:

In the Occident, the milk thisle is the principal plant used to protect the liver and to stimulate cell renewal. It treats hepatitis and jaundice and many liver ails. In case chemotherapy is prescribed for cancer, the milk thisle abates the noxious effects on the liver and helps to dissipate the side effects of the treatment faster.

Milk thistle has been used since a long time to treat depression and liver problems. Recent research has confirmed the traditional knowledge of herbalists regarding the remarquable effect of this plant on the detrimental effects of alcohol and other toxic substances on the liver.

The silymarine, a substance contained in its seeds, protects the liver against the detrimental effects of certain products. Clinical tests have demonstrated that severe hepatic poisoning in the event of tetrachloric carbon or venimous mushrooms can be prevented if taking silymarine just before or within 48 hours of ingestion.

Treats with some success hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Principal constituents: flavolignanes, bitter principles.

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