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Quackgrass 500 gr
  • Quackgrass 500 gr

Quackgrass 500 gr

Agropyron repens

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Agropyron repens

Properties and usage:

Increases the urine volume, mild duretic, emollient, fights cystitis,urethritis, kidney stones.

Effects on the organism:

A mild but efficient diuretic, as well as an emollient, quackgrass fights infections of the urinary tract (cystitis,urethritis). It protects from infection and irritations by increasing the volume of urine.

Quackgrass forms a good synergy with other plants. It could prevent kidney stones as well as arresting their development.

It tends to abate prostate pains (prostate inflammation).

Quackgrass extract is prescribed by certain phytotherapeutes to treat jaundice and other liver ailments.

Principal constituents: polysaccharides, essential oil and mucilage.

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