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Goldenseal 250 gr
  • Goldenseal 250 gr

Goldenseal powder - 30gr

Hydrastis canadensis

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Hydrastis canadensis

Properties and usage:

Acts as an antibiotic. It relieves colds, flus, infections, sore throats, fevers, tonsilitis, etc.

Effects on the organism:

Goldenseal was much appreciated by the Indians and the pioneers. It was often prescribed in traditional medicine.

Once very prevalent throughout Canada, it is used to relieve not only contagious illnesses but also to clear the circulation in blocked veins (blue veins) which may become varicose. The lips, hands and feet, blue from lack of circulation can also benefit.

Goldenseal is a great catalyst which controls the functioning of other herbs.

A massage to the gums every evening can correct pyorrhea. It is most effective for cutaneous flare ups, fever, scarlatine, swollen tonsils, sore throats, colds, infection caused by constipation and other afflictions.

It has been found effective to reduce high sugar level in the blood for diabetics. It is used only when necessary. It is considered a good herb the world over and can be used in all seasons.

Principal constituents: isoquinoleic alcaloids, essential oil, resin.

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