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Whole Linseed 500 gr
  • Whole Linseed 500 gr
  • Whole Linseed 500 g

Whole Lin seed 1 Kg

Linum usitatissimum

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Linum usitatissimum

Properties and usage:

Marvellous medicinal plant. Its seeds and their oil treat various respiratory and intestinal afflictions due to their mucilage.

Effets on the organism:

Its seed is used in various forms, ground and encapsulated with gelatine, it is easily absorbed, which facilitates its digestion. Herbal teas or poultices can be made with them.

As a diuretic, it chases the stones from the kidneys. It is a remedy without equal for cough, pneumonia and various pulmonary afflictions.

Flax is also an excellent antioxydant and contains omega.

Caution: to be avoided if there are thyroid problems.

Principal constituents: oil, mucilage, proteins.

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