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Ash Leaf 500 gr
  • Ash Leaf 500 gr

Ash Leaf 500 gr

Fraxinus excelsior

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Fraxinus excelsior

Properties and usage:

The ash is a universal tree. Its bark is fortifying and astringent, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and laxative.

Effects on the organism:

Several types of ash produce a nourishing sap used as a laxative for children.

The ash is the universal tree in the Nordic mythology. Its roots, belonging to the world of the gods, and its branches reach the most remote regions of the universe.

The bark is astringent, a fortifying and anti-inflammatory. It is used in the treatment of rheumatism. The leaves are also astringent and have a laxative and diuretic effect.

Principal constituents: courmarinic heterosides, flavonoids, tanins, essential oil, sugar.

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