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Gotu Kola 500 gr
  • Gotu Kola 500 gr

Gotu Kola 500 gr

Centella asiatiqua

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Centella asiatiqua

Properties and usage:

It acts as a tonic, anti-rheumatism, mildly diuretic, sedative, vasodilator. This plant is given for digestive problems. It is also used for its revitalizing qualities, as a memory booster and for the nervous functions.

Effects on the organism:

This is an ancient plant much used by the Indians as a tonic and depurative. It is a depurative which lowers glycemia.

Besides its tonic virtues, gotu Kola is also used to treat skin problems. As an anti-inflammatory, it treats rheumatism and circulation problems of the veins.

Gotu kola is also used to nourish the hypothalamus which, in turn, regenerates the nervous system. It owes its very long term reputation to its regenerating qualities which stimulate concentration and memory.

Principal constituents: saponines, alcaloids, bitters.

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