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Misteltoe 500 gr
  • Misteltoe 500 gr

Misteltoe 500g

Viscum album

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Viscum album

Properties and usage:

Lowers high blood pressure, relieves anxiety, stimulates concentration, acts against epilepsy and is used as a stimulant.

Effects on the organism:

Mistletoe lowers blood pressure and regulates the heart beat. Anxiolytic and hypnotic when used in weak doses, it alleviates anxiety and headaches and stimulates concentration.

It is prescribed for epilepsy, tinnitus and hyperactivity in children.

In some countries, mistletoe extract is used to treat cancer. A great deal of research is being done for this. It contains viscotoxins which slow down the growth of tumors and stimulate the immune system.

Caution: the berries of the mistletoe are very toxic. Must be used with medical supervision only.

Principal constituents: glucoproteins, polypeptides, flavonoids, polisaccharides (in the berries).

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