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Alfalfa 500 gr
  • Alfalfa 500 gr

Alfalfa 500 gr

Medicago sativa

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Medicago sativa

Properties and usage:

This plant contains a great deal of vitamin A, B, C, C and K. It lubricates the joints, acts as a diuretic and reduces water retention. Its nutritive properties are appreciated.

Effects on the organism:

Alfalfa is very easy to digest because it contains at least eight active enzymes. It can be eaten in large quantities to relieve pains in the joints, to repair and maintain bones and to relieve stomach aches.

Alfalfa is prescribed to convalescents who need nourishment which is easily assimilated. Since it has estrogen-like effects, it could have beneficial results for problems related to menstruation and menopause.

Alfalfa has a deep root system and thus provides a rich reserve of calcium, potassium magnesium, phosphorus and sodium. These minerals are very well balanced to maintain a person in good health.

It deodorizes and diminishes excessive perspiration. It stops hemorrhages, absorbs lactic acid thus eliminating the irritation to the ligaments (nerves), lubricates the joints and relieves pain. As a diuretic, it reduces water retention.

Caution: not recommended for those who have immune system illnesses.

Principal constituents: isoflavones, mineral salts, carotene, various vitamins.

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