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St. John's Wort 500 gr
  • St. John's Wort 500 gr

St. John's Wort 500 gr

Hypericum perforatum

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Hypericum perforatum

Properties and usage:

St. John's wort is a plant which can improve the mood and which fights against a depressive tendency. Used as an antidepressant and antiviral, it also alleviates pain.

Effects on the organism:

Many people have problems of mood swings along with insomnia, anxiety, worry, irritability, depressed state, pessimism, melancholy, feeling of inability, guilt and depreciation. These people can sink so low that they loose the will to live. In conventional medicine, antidepressants are prescribed. But it is not certain that this is the best medication to give in the circumstances. To use plants may be just as effective without, however, accompanied by ill side effects.

St. John's wort can help to correct such depressed tendencies and allow the individuals so affected to function normally while rediscovering their good humour. It also has astringent, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Moreover, it is believed that it rebuilds the nervous system. Some psychiatrists now include St. John's wort among the recommended medications. It has no known counterindications. As far as pregnancy or breast feeding is concerned, no study has ever been conducted to determine the effect of St. John's wort in such circumstances. Thus, in current medical practice, it is not recommended to the pregnant and breast feeding womanr.

Caution: not to be used in association with doctor prescribed antidepressants.

Constituants principaux: Huile essentielle, hypéricine, flavonoïdes.

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