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Elm Powder 1 kg
  • Elm Powder 1 kg

Elm Powder 1 kg

Ulmus rubra

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Ulmus rubra

Properties and usage:

Soothes the irritated tissues, eliminates toxins. It treats verticulitis, intestinal inflammations and hemorrhoids.

Effects on the organism:

It is a mild and effective remedy for inflammation of the bronchi, of the urinary tract, the stomach and intestins.

Red elm, with its high mucilage content, when put in direct contact with the inflamed area, soothes the irritation by forming a protective cover and eliminates the toxins and the irritants.

It would stimulate the nerve endings of the stomach and intestins, and would provoke a mucous secretion in the urinary tract.

Red elm is particularly soothing for, and relieves immediately, gastric acidity, diarrhea and gastro-enteritis. It treats colic, constipation, diverticulitis, intestinal inflammations, hemorrhoids and colon irritations..

It is also used for all sorts of respiratory problems, particularly cough, bronchitis, pleurisy or tuberculosis.

Red elm is effective for urinary problems, particularly chronic cystitis.

Principal constituents: starch, mucilage, tanins.

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