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Sheep Sorrel Powder 500 gr
  • Sheep Sorrel Powder 500 gr

Sheep Sorrel Powder 500 gr

Rumex acetosella

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Rumex acetosella

Properties and usage:

It acts as a depurative, diuretic and could also be an anti-cancerous remedy.

Effects on the organism:

The Amerindians make a preparation by mixing it with burdock, red elm and Chinese rhubarb to obtain a purgative and a powerful diuretic.

Sheep sorrel promotes the healing of ulcers, bronchitis and hemorrhoids.

It is a laxative which is very effective for prolonged treatments, particularly for the digestive tract. It has a purifying effect on the body as a whole.

Caution: sheep sorrel must not be taken for people suffering from kidney stones.

Principal constituents: saponosites glucosites.

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