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Licorice 500 gr
  • Licorice 500 gr

Licorice 500 gr

Glycyrrhiza glabra

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Glycyrrhiza glabra

Properties and usage:

Anti-inflammatoiry, expectorant, calming. Stimulates the superrenal glands. Mild laxative. Treats hypoglycemia when the sugar level in the blood is low. Restores energy.

Effects on the organism:

Licorice root is greatly more sweet than sugar cane, but without calories. It does not promote thirst. It is also one of the most precious medicinal plants. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory which is effective for the treatment of arthritis as well as for oral ulcers.

Its calming and anti-inflammatory effects relieve inflammations of the digestive and pulmonary systems. It calms inflammations of the joints such as arthritis and some cutaneous problems. It soothes eye inflammations too.

Licorice helps in the treatment of Addison's disease which is due to insufficient hormonal secretions from the superrenal glands.

Licorice diminishes gastric secretions, but produces a thick mucous which have a beneficial effect on ulcers during gastric inflammations. It is particularly effective for low blood sugar. It increases energy and nourishes the superrenal glands. It prevents the problems due to hormonal inbalance.

Principal constituents: triterpenic saponosides, flavonoids, sterols, coumarines.

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