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Sarsaparilla 250 gr
  • Sarsaparilla 250 gr

Sarsaparilla 250 gr

Smilax papyracea

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Smilax papyracea

Properties and usage:

Its root is an safe alternative to steroids. It increases muscle power, accelerates energy recuperation, and increases endurance.

Effects on the organism:

Sarsaparilla is the only, true natural source for increasing testosterone. The main advantage is that it has no dangerous side effects like some drugs. Why? Because the chemical form of testosterone attacks the body. The quantity of testosterone taken depends on how many milligrams one ingests. And since the body can only use a limited quantity during a given period of time, high doses are dangerous.

Sarsaparilla, on the other hand, stimulates the body to naturally produce a higher amount of testosterone. During an intensive training program, the body needs a high level of testosterone and sarsaparilla stimulates the body to produce more.

Indeed, athletes who take sarsaparilla will experience a natural increase of their testosterone level without the negative side effects. The following results have been noted when taking sarsaparilla:.

A) Increased muscular strength
B) Fast energy recuperation
C) Increase of muscle mass
D) Increase of endurance.

Principal constituents: sterioliques saponins, phytosterols, starch, resin.

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