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No 105 Kidneys Bladder 250 gr
  • No 105 Kidneys Bladder 250 gr

No 105 Busserole 250 gr

TISANE NO. 105 Busserole

  • Busserole

  • Bouleau

  • Bruyère

  • Cassis

  • Chiendent

  • Calendule

  • Frêne

  • Genévrier

  • Haricot

  • Maïs

  • Pariétaire

  • Prèle

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The plants that are included in this formula are effective to relieve kidney problems and bladder infections

Composition: birch, heather, black currant, quackgrass, ash, juniper, green bean, corn, pellitory, horsetail, urva ursi.

Effects on the organism:

Birch: relieves bladder and kidney pains, as well as rheumatism and gout pains.
Heather: this plant has powerful disinfectant effect. It is an antiseptic of the urinary tract, also diuretic. It heals cystitis and bladder infections.
Black currant: used as a diuretic, it is very rich in vitamin C..
Quackgrass: increases urine volume, mild diuretic, emollient. Good for cystitis, urethritis and kidney stones.
Ash: the bark is fortifying and astringent, anti-inflammatory, laxative and diuretic.
Juniper: tonic, diuretic, antiseptic. It relieves colic, arthritis, gout and rheumatism.
Green bean: promotes urination, elimination of toxins, lowers cholesterol and glucose in the blood.
Corn: diuretic, emollient for the urinary tract, stimulates bile secretion, lowers blood pressure, relieves cystitis.
Pellitory: especially used as a diuretic and emollient, capable of preventing stones and kidney inflammation.
Horsetail: the therapeutic effect of this plant is due to its high silica content, of which a large proportion is soluble and can be absorbed. Speeds healing.
Urva ursi: antiseptic and purifying. Unblocks the kidneys and decongests the bladder, the kidneys and the canal of the urethra.

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