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Cholesterol 1 kg
  • Cholesterol 1 kg

Cholesterol 1 kg


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This formula will help in the elimination of bad cholesterol, either by the urinary system or by the intestin.

Composition: adonis, hawthorn, asparagus, burdock, boldo, yellow spring bedstraw, quackgrass, meadow knapweed, barberry, pepper mint, licorice, rosemary, marigold.

Effects on the organisme:

Adonis: very diuretic, it serves to fight water retention, specifically when there exists bad circulation, because it improves the functioning of the heart.
Hawthorn: contains flavonoids which relax and dilate the coronary arteries and also has an anti-oxidizing action.
Asparagus: contains glucides, saponides, aspergine (powerful diuretic) and flavonoids which help to eliminate the toxins through the urinary system.
Burdock: rids the body of waste and has antibiotic and diuretic properties.
Boldo: acts as a mild urinary antiseptic, stimulates liver and biliary activity.
Yellow spring bedstraw: acts as a diuretic, treats gall and kidney stones while at the same time eliminating bad cholesterol.
Quackgrass: an effective diuretic. Associated with other plants, it helps to eliminate bad cholesterol.
Meadow knapweed: facilitates digestion while accelerating the assimilation of nutrients by increasing gastric and bilious secretions.
Barberry: because it is anti-amoebal it stimulates the evacuation of bile, acts on the gall bladder. Has antiseptic properties.
Pepper mint: has an antispasmodic and antiseptic effect on the digestive system, it stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and bile while eliminating bad cholesterol..
Licorice: used to harmonize different plants of this formula and to increase their effect.
Rosemary: Aids convalescence following chronic sickness or prolonged stress due to its stimulating effects, therefore having a mild anti-depressive and hypertensive effect as well. Helps in eliminating intestinal gas.
Marigold: antiseptic, it contributes to eliminate waste and to re-establish the good functioning of the liver to better eliminate bad cholesterol.

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