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Lungs 500 gr

Marjoram Tea Formula

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Marjoram Tea Formula

This formula helps to decongests the lungs when ill with bronchitis or asthma.

Composition: fir cones, red spruce, hyssop, ground ivy, marjoram, white horehound, nettle, poplar, pine, lungwort, balsam fir, soapwort, thyme.

Effects on the organism:

Fir cones: antiseptic for the pulmonary tract. Can be recommended for sore throats and headaches.
Red spruce: antiseptic, diuretic and rich in vitamin C. Has analgesic properties.
Hyssop: sedative as well as tonic, a powerful expectorant. Treats bronchitis and repiratory problems effectively.
Ground ivy: acts as a tonic and decongestant of the bronchi.
Marjoram: because it is a powerful antiseptic, it is used to treat respiratory problems such as cough, tonsilitis, bronchitis and asthma.
White horehound: as a powerful expectorant, it is prescribed to treat asthmatic bronchitis, dry coughs and whooping cough.
Nettle: acts as a tonic, relieves hay fever and asthma.
Poplar: acts as an anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic, fights fever.
Pine: has an antiseptic action on the lungs. Its resin helps to disinfect the respiratory tract, therefore it is very effective to treat asthma and bronchitis and nearly all types of colds.
Lungwort: used for pulmonary infections. It also has expectorant, tonic and decongestant properties..
Balsam fir: for pulmonary illnesses, colds and respiratory infections.
Soapwort: this plant is particularly expectorant, it stimulates coughing and liquefies the mucous in the respiratory tract.
Thyme: recommended for asthmatics because it neutralizes the sedative effect of other plants usually prescribed for this illness.

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