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Common Speedwell 250 gr
  • Common Speedwell 250 gr

Common Speedwell 250g

Veronica officinalis

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Veronica officinalis

Properties and usage:

Diurétic, astringentc, febrifuge, sudorific.

Effects on the organism:

Used for urine retention, for nephritic colic, jaundice.

An excellent for pestilent fevers and vertigo.

Speedwell dissolves toxines, fermentations, flatulence, gas and unhealthy humours.

It purges the womb and the bladder.

It alleviates the lungs when used with other plants such as coltsfoot, lungwort and bistort.

Speedwell activates bile secretion. It is used for problems related to cholesterol.

Principal constituents: aucubine, flavonoids, bitter.

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