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Grapevine 250 gr
  • Grapevine 250 gr

Grapevine 250 gr

Vitis vinifera

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Vitis vinifera

Properties and usage:

Treats varicose veins, hemorrhoids and capillary fragility.

Effects on the organism:

The leaves of the grapevine, particularly the red grapevine, are astringent and anti-inflammatory. They treat diarrhea, heavy menstruations and uterine hemorrhages.

As a mouth wash, they treat oral ulcers. As a vaginal douche, it heals vaginal discharge.

The grapes, nourishing and mildly laxative, strengthen the body in cases of digestive or liver problems.

Emollient and expectorant, the raisin (dried grape) promotes mucous evacuation.

Principal constituents: flavonoids, tanins, tartrates, carotene, sugars, vitamin A, B1, B2.

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