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Camomile 250 gr
  • Camomile 250 gr

Camomile 250 g

Chamomilla recutita

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Chamomilla recutita

Properties and usage:

Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, relaxant, it helps in the expulsion of gas. Anti-allergenic.

Effects on the organism:

It is often prescribed to children because of its gentle action. It is used for abdominal cramps, indigestion, gastritis and colic. Used also for hiatus hernias, gastric ulcers and intestinal irritations.

Camomile is effective for nervous tension, muscular aches and painful periods.

It reduces irritability and brings about sleep in children.

Its many medicinal qualities are often unknown. This plant is effective for digestive problems, nervous tension and irritability. Applied externally, it treats wounds, eczema, itching and relaxes tired eyes.

It is also effective for hay fever or asthma. It gives a feeling of calm without dependance.

Principal constituents: essential oil, flavonoids, tanins and coumarines.

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