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Cascara Sagrada 250 gr
  • Cascara Sagrada 250 gr

Cascara Sagrada 250 gr

Rhamnus purshiana

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Rhamnus purshiana

Properties and usage:

Cascara sagrada is a tree whose bark is a laxative. It is often prescribed for chronic constipation. It regulates the functioning of the stomach. The fresh bark is extremely purgative, so the bark that has been kept for at least one year is taken. The berries are toxic and not to be used.

Effects on the organism:

Cascara sagrada purges the llymph and the bile, as well as the aqueous humour such as those that result in hydropsy and it strengthens the entrails by agregation.

The presence of cascarine (hydrolizing enzymes) humidifies the intestinal content, thus helping in evacuation without causing dehydration that most laxatives have as a side-effect.

The anthraquinones act on the mucous membrane of the large intestin and stimulate evacuation 8 to 12 hours after its ingestion.

It is recommended for muscular weakness of the large intestine.

Cascara sagrada is more often prescribed for chronic constipation. It is without danger in a long term treatment of constipation or to regulate good stomach functioning.

Principal constituents: anthraquinones, anthrones, tanins, flavonoids.

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