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Absinthe 1 kg
  • Absinthe 1 kg

Absinthe 1 kg

Arthemisia absinthium

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Arthemisia absinthium

Properties and usage:

Stimulates bilious secretions. Anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, relieves stomach aches. Anti-depressant.

Effects on the organism:
This plant has a powerful tonic effect on the digestive system, particularly on the stomach and the gall bladder. By stimulating the gastric and bilious juices, the absinthe improves digestion and the absorption or nutrients. It also eliminates flatulence and bloating.

It helps the body to recuperate its vitality following a long illness because it is considered an excellent fortifying agent.

The azulenes which it contains are anti-inflammatory. The sesquiterpenic lactones are powerful insecticides. They could also have a beneficial effect on tumors. The ingredient thuyone, which is very toxic in high doses, stimulates the brain.

Absinthe reduces the risk of developing paludism and helps to cure it. It also destroys the agents resisting the medication for treating paludism. It prevents and cures this illness withou side-effects.

The Amerindians used it to reduce fever because it has an anti-biotic effect. It also contains vitamin A.

Principal constituents: essential oil, flavonoids, phenolic acid, lignanes.

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