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Lemonbalm tincture 50ml
  • Lemonbalm tincture 50ml

Lemon Balm tincture 50ml

• Valued as a mild sedative and calming agent since antiquity
• Soothes frayed nerves and allays anxiety
• Especially useful for its gentle, pacifying action in children
• Promotes restful sleep
• Eases a nervous stomach
• Also used to help treat hyperthyroidism

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Brand: St-Francis herb farm

Red Rasberry leaf Tinture - 50 ml

Red Raspberry Leaf Tincture acts as a uterine tonic in support of normal childbirth. Its tannins also make it antidiarrhetic. • Medicinal use that goes back centuries in numerous cultures• Strengthens and tones the uterus in preparation for childbirth• With tannins that have astringent, antidiarrhetic properties

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