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Aloe Powder 250 gr
  • Aloe Powder 250 gr

Aloe Powder 250 gr

Aloe vera

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Aloe vera

Properties and usage:

Aloe is a stomachic and tonic stimulant. It is also a stimulant for the hepatic functions

Effects on the organism:
A depurative, the aloe helps to purify the blood in the event of encephalitis, migraines, high cholesterol and slow liver functions.

It helps to regulate the intestins and is effective against acne. Taking 15 to 20 drops of aloe daily, ten days before menstruation is a great help in combatting pre-menstrual syndrome (pms).

In the event of daily constipation which can often bring about hemorrhoids, the aloe is helpful.

For migraine, it is greatly helpful. Simple jaundice can be corrected by aloe. Taken with meals, it stimulates the digestive functions. Moreover, it has a beneficial effect during cerebral problems.

Caution: women must not take aloe during the first three months of pregnancy.

Principal constituents: anthraquinonic derivatives, resins, tanins, polysaccharides.

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