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Fennel 250 gr
  • Fennel 250 gr

Fennel 250 gr

Foeniculum vulgare

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Foeniculum vulgare

Properties and usage:

To treat bloating and stomach aches and facilitate digestion.

Effects on the organisme:

Fennel grains are used to treat bloating and stomach aches. They are also diuretic and anti-inflammatory.

Fennel is often used in the preparation of different formulas. It is used to treat gall stones. It fights cystitis. It is without danger for children and its extract can be administered for colic or teething.

Fennel is reputed to help in weight loss and for longevity.

Caution: the seed is a strong toxic and must not be taken in too large a quantity. Avoid ingesting its essential oil.

Principal constituents: essential oil, flavonoids, sterols.

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