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Marshmallow Leaf 250 gr
  • Marshmallow Leaf 250 gr

Marshmallow Leaf 250 gr

Althaea officinalis

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Althaea officinalis

Properties and usage:

This is an emollient plant which fights irritation of the mucous membrane, diminished gastric acidity and relieves gastric ulcers.

Effets on the organism:

Marshmallow is a mild laxative, very effective for many intestinal problems such as colitis, diverticulosis and irritation of the colon.

Its roots, particularly rich in calcium, have properties to calm pains in the lungs, in the urinary and reproductive system, as well as in the digestive tract..

It is also a lubricant. For those who suspect of having kidney stones, it is wise to take marshmallow on a daily basis. Marshmallow envelops the stones for easier elimination.

Marshmallow is also used with great success for the following problems: colds, cough, pulmonary disorders, constipation, swollen joints, swollen glands, kidney hemorrhage, laryngitis, furoncle, vaginal irritations, psoriasis, ulcers on the gums, teething in children, slow digestion, diarrhea and various infections.

Principal constituents: starch, mucilage, pectine, flavonoids, phenolic acids, sucrose, aspartine.

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