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Hops 500 gr
  • Hops 500 gr

Hops 500 gr

Humulus lupulus

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Humulus lupulus

Properties and usage:

A sedative, soporific, antispasmodic, it stimulates the digestive system and is also a precious remedy for insomnia.

Effects on the organism:

Hops relaxes the muscles. It has a sedative action which make it a precious remedy for insomnia or states of anxiety. It has appeasing and hypnotic properties which promote sleep.

Its medicinal virtues were known even in the Middle Ages.

Mixed with other plants, hops fights stress anxiety and migraines.

It facilitates digestion, increases gastric juices and calms spasms and colics. It is effective for painful menstruations also. Hops relaxes the muscles. It may also have an estrogenic effect.

It is mainly used for making beer because of its bitter taste so well know by beer drinkers.

Principal constituents: bitters, essential oil, tanins, asparagines.

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