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Plantain 250 gr
  • Plantain 250 gr

Plantain 250g

Plantago major

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Plantago major

Properties and usage:

This perennial plant is prevalent throughout the planet. Its leaves have numerous and effective medical properties: bleeding, bronchi, gastritis.

Effects on the organism:

Not only does an application of its leaves on a wound stop the bleeding, but is also accelerates the healing.

Plantain treats contusions and fractures. It has a beneficial effect when applied on hemorrhoids and fistulas.

Used externally and since it is a diuretic, plantain promotes the elimination of mucous from the bronchi. It is also prescribed for diarrhea, dysentry, gastro-duodenal ulcers, colitis, gastritis, acute bronchitis, aphonia and bleeding from the urinary tract.

It facilitates the elimination of uric acid.

Principal constituents: iridoids, flavonoids, tanins, mucilage.

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