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Corn Silk 250 gr
  • Corn Silk 250 gr

Corn Silk 250 gr

Zea mays

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Zea mays

Properties and usage:

Corn is a diuretic and emollient of the urinary tract. Stimulates bile secretions and lowers blood pressure.

Effects on the organism:

The corn awn, which surround the cob, is used by phytotherapists and herborists for the urinary tract illnesses particularly.

The Amerindians were treating a gamut of illnesses with corn.

Corn is an effective diuretic for most urinary afflictions, due to its high potassium content. It remarkably increases the volume of urine, relieves bladder inflammations. It reduces the number of micturitions (wanting to urinate) and the post-urinating residue which gives the sensation that the bladder has not been totally emptied.

It can prevent kidney stones and can relieve the pains caused by them, if already there.

It relieves chronic cystitis and effectively complements the treatment for acute cystitis.

In China, tests have shown that it could contribute to lowering blood pressure and reducing coagulation time.

Principal constituents: flavonoids, alcaloids, essential oil.

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