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Artichoke Leaf 250 gr
  • Artichoke Leaf 250 gr

Artichoke Leaf 250 gr

Cynara scolymus

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Cynara scolymus

Properties and usage:

This is a reputed medicinal plant. It is good for the liver and protects from infections by eliminating toxins.

Effects on the organism:

In certain countries, the juice from its leaves mixed with wine are used as a liver tonic. The artichoke has a reputation to regulate the sugar level in the blood. As such, it is used in the early treatment of diabetes. It also has properties as a diuretic and anti-rhumatism.

This plant grows in rich soil in hot or tempered climates. It was used since antiquity. It had great value to the ancient Greeks and Romans. It leaves were mulched to make a paste which would be applied at the underarm and all over the body to remove unpleasant odours..

The artichoke greatest benefit, however, is revealed when used to treat gall bladder problems, nausea, indigestions and bloating. Moreover, it lowers cholesterol.

Principal constituents: phenolic acids, acids, alcohol, flavonoids, inulin, potassum and magnesium salts.

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